Learn How To Deal With Student Exam Stress

It doesn’t matter if you study at Harvard or elsewhere, chances are you’ve encountered exam stress. Some people handle exams very well with not a care in the world, but a number are not so lucky and will suffer from some kind of stress. This can show itself in a number of ways such as finding it difficult to recall information, and becoming withdrawn, or even being aggressive with other people. Stress can even effect the way we eat, it can keep us up at night, and sleep deprivation is not good prior to an exam.

If you do find yourself suffering from stress then do not think that there is something wrong with you as it is a perfectly normal human reaction to certain circumstances, and most people will suffer from it in one form or another. So one of the first things you must do if you have stress is to accept that it is perfectly normal and try not to worry about it. Tell yourself, ‘Worrying Won’t Get Me Into Harvard. The solid application of study fundamentals will.

Although they don’t intend it, parents can put stress on students, and also if your own expectations are high as you want to get into the likes of Harvard University, then this can cause anxiety. To help you out listed below are a number of ways on how to best deal with student exam stress.

Always take breaks when studying:

If you are studying non-stop this can really mess you up and cause stress levels to rise. You will probably get agitated, tired and you will be wasting your time studying as you will not be taking in any information so you are wasting your time. One of the best ways research has shown to help with studying is to do it for 15 minutes, then go and do something like a walk in the fresh air for 15 minutes, before studying again. Each time you go back to studying you will feel much fresher.

Be careful what you put in your body:

Pumping yourself full of coffee, in fact anything containing caffeine for that matter is not a good idea as it is a stimulant so will affect your body. Do not drink any alcohol as this impairs your learning capabilities, and if you have an excessive amount you will find it difficult to concentrate the following day. If you are on prescribed medication then check the side-effects and also talk with your doctor, as it may be the pills causing your stress. One thing you should totally avoid is any kind of illegal drug as they all effect the mind in one way or another.

Don’t study alone:

It has been shown that studying with friends is a great help. You may think you will waste more time talking and having a laugh, however this sidetracking from your studies is actually a positive thing as it is no different than if you were taking breaks when studying on your own.

Remember that pretty much everyone will suffer from some form of stress during their life, it is perfectly normal, and a lot of those students in the Ivy League would have had some level of stress before they got accepted. You can learn more about improving your inner-game here. In the meantime, don’t suffer on your own, speak to friends, family or your doctor, they will understand and offer you help.

Harvard Business School Admissions

Harvard business school admissions are tough. HBS is among the leading business programs the world over. For you to earn your spot, you’ll need to plan early and fashion a profile that will serve you during the admissions gauntlet.

Harvard business school is a graduate college that offers doctorate and masters degrees in the business field. It is situated in Massachusetts and has high entry qualifications. Out of the many students who apply for admission, only a small percentage are accepted. The following tips will help you on how to get into Harvard business school.

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How Much Does It Cost To Go To Harvard?

Myths abound when discussing admission to Harvard. Many students wrongly believe a 4.0 GPA and 2400 SAT are requirements to enter. Others that networking, connections and sly donations will seal their application. Finally, that the cost of attendance is out of their reach. That’s the emphasis of this article as we establish the true cost of a Harvard education.

Here are some sample statistics about admission to Harvard:

Harvard has the lowest acceptance rate of any higher education institute. This year was a record low at 5.9%

Harvard applications are based on a ‘Holistic Admissions’ policy. There is no minimum GPA to qualify for Harvard.

Harvard has the most generous financial aid package in the US. The cost of attending actually bests 9 out of 10 Universities – If you qualify.

Harvard has a financial aid endowment of $172,000,000. This aid is reserved for students whose parents income is less than $65,000 per year. Aid is not just reserved for US students either, but to international students too. However, if you don’t qualify a Harvard education can indeed prove costly.

For Scott Mihalic a Harvard education left an abiding impression. He left with new earning power, lifelong friendships … & $90,000 in debt. Inspired, not deterred, he vowed to pay off his debt in 12 months. Scott recounts his mission in book, No More Student Debt.

Discover Harvard Online

Perhaps Harvard isn’t for you after all. If so, take heart from the evolving world of online education. The internet has revolutionized and liberalized the process. The Khan Academy, Udacity & EdX are a sample of organizations that broadcast lectures from the world’s leading universities – For free.

You can learn more about getting into Harvard University, or your school of choice, by exploring the links featured in this article. This blog will be updated with more news from the world of Ivy League admissions shortly.

The Truth About Getting Into Harvard …

Getting into Harvard has never been more difficult. This years admissions statistics reveal just 5.9% of 36,000 applicants earned their place. It’s a trend witnessed not only on Cambridge, MA, but through the Ivy League. The prestige of an education at these institutes attracts record numbers and with them record rejections.

What price a Harvard education then? Hong Kong based Gerard and Lily Chow harbored dreams of an Ivy League education for their sons. In their quest, they enlisted admissions consultant, Mark Zimny, a former Harvard professor.

Sadly, after investing over 2.2 million dollars in tuition fees and donations to higher education institutes, the Chows dreams would not transpire. They would not reach Harvard Yard, rather the US courts. Charging Zimny with committing fraud and breach of contract.

Like many prestigious institutes, myths abound. Harvard university is such a place. Admission to Harvard is not an exact science. Their is no baseline GPA, no single test that will guarantee your place. Entry to Harvard’s is based on ‘holistic admissions’. That is, your academic record will be assessed alongside your admissions essay and extra-curricular background.

Statistics reveal however, the average Harvard applicant is in possession of a 3.8 GPA. So while you don’t need a flawless academic record, it certainly helps. Combined with leadership roles in sports, clubs and a notable personal statement, your application will rise into the consideration of admissions officials. Each step is vital and requires considerable preparation.

Harvard University has graduated the finest minds of this and previous generations. Presidents and leaders of technology and business have served their apprenticeships on these grounds. Obama, Gates, Zuckerberg and Trump line Harvard’s list of notable alumni. So, what makes you so special?

For more information on getting into Harvard and the Ivy League, explore the links or visit http://studenthorizon.com/getting-into-harvard. We’ll be updating this EduBlog with new posts soon.

Harvard vs. MIT

This article is a brief look at the historic city of Cambridge, Boston, focusing our lens on two of America, and the world’s, leading higher education institutions. Here we’ll contrast the history, alumni and add a few fundamentals. Let’s start with these samples:

* Harvard’s admissions rate is under 7% each year. MIT, meanwhile, admitted 9.7% of 17909 applicants or just 1742 students.

* The number of MIT students receiving financial aid is very high, up to 92% infact. That said, Harvard has the most generous financial aid reserve of any US University, $172,000,000, serving over 60% of students. This figure equals or best 90% of other US Universities.

Boston is famous as the home of the American revolution, the birth of Tea Party, a pub where every body knows your name and two icons that rouse the passion of millions the world over – And we’re not talking about Boston Bruins & The Red Sox. No, we’re talking about MIT & Harvard.

Harvard was founded in 1636 with the help of wealthy British benefactor, John Harvard, among others. In dedication to Harvard’s contribution here, the institution honored his name and the city to which Harvard resides, Cambridge, in the Great Boston area, was named after his own schooling at the famous British university. MIT, meanwhile, was established in 1861 as a response to the growing industrialization of the US economy.

The Harvard campus is found within 210 acres is divided into 12 schools, although 10 schools are found within Harvard Yard, Cambridge. Harvard’s world-class facilities are dispersed throughout this sprawling campus. With Harvard stadium across the Charles River, while the medical and dental schools are found in the Longwood Medical Area. MIT’s 168 acre campus is to the north of the river and centred on 5 schools concentrating architecture and technology. Not surprisingly then, MIT host’s several incredible architectural features, including the Stata Center, home of linguistics and philosophy.

Notable alumni of MIT & Harvard include leading figures of American political life and culture. Alumni from MIT include Kofi Annan, Buzz Aldrin & Israeli Prime Minisiter Benjamin Netanyahu. Harvard too boasts figures from the world of entertainment such as Matt Damon & Natalie Portman, social media giant Mark Zuckerberg and current American President, one Barack Obama. Alumni from these institutions have had an incredible impact on the world.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief article. Explore the links for more information.

Harvard’s International Students

Harvard’s international student contingent is growing. Recent figures demonstrate up to 10% of Harvard’s student body is foreign in origin, with Chinese students the leading demographic. Whether you’re from Europe, Asia or the far reaches of South America and Africa, this article will familiarize you with the fundamentals.

Let’s begin with student finances. You’ll be surprised to learn that Harvard doesn’t discriminate in offering applicants financial aid. Harvard is celebrated for having the highest financial aid endowment of any University in North America with $172 million of grants at its disposal. This aid is reserved for families earning less than $65,000 a year. This means that attending Harvard is affordable for all, regardless or nationality. If your application is strong enough, Harvard will look after you.

At Harvard the admissions team aren’t concerned by your families wealth or savings. Rather they want to attract the worlds elite. Harvard Admissions are looking for star students who’ll go onto further the Harvard brand for generations to come, just as 8 US Presidents and Nobel Prize Winners have before you. Harvard is proud of it’s heritage and it’s record shaping America, and the worlds, future leaders. Notably, the United States first black President Barack Obama or Liberia’s Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

English As A Foreign Language (TOEFL Requirements)

If English isn’t your first language, you’ll need to demonstrate your proficiency. This means you’ll need to pass the TOEFL tests. The requirements vary among Harvard’s 13 Schools. The requirements for Harvard SEAS, for example, differs from Harvard Law. Before making your application, you’ll need to contact your school of choice and establish if you meet their requirements.

The world is shrinking, and developing rapidly. Data from Harvard Business Schools class of 2013 offer encouragement for applicants from varied racial backgrounds. These stats reveal 23% of students are derived from minorities. The rapidly growing economies of India and China are set to become political and economic superpowers. China is estimated to over take the US economy by the year 2016.

The history and prestige of Harvard University will endure. But perhaps years from today American and European students will prize a place foreign universities such as India’s prestigious IIT, for example.

Graduating as a student at Harvard is not a task to be taken without due thought or preparation. The Harvard admissions procedure is arguably the most vigorous and challenging of any higher education institution. Should you be successful you’ll join a special breed of student ready to make their mark on the world.

How To Get Into Stanford

This article offers a brief glimpse into the admission procedure at Stanford. We’ll briefly assess admissions statistics, financial aid and contrast these figures with other leading universities including Harvard.

If you’re a student considering your next step in education, you’ll know the United States host some of the finest universities in the world. This includes the famed Ivy League, featuring Harvard, Princeton & Yale. Nevertheless, Stanford University, set on the west coast vie’s for the applications of budding graduates too.

Stanford University is based in Palo Alto, California. It’s just a short distance from San Francisco Bay, the Pacific and Silicon Valley. Not surprising that many students are drawn by the beautiful surroundings as much as academic excellence. Silicon Valley of course, hosts some of the worlds top technologies businesses including Google and Hewlett Packard — Companies founded by Stanford alumni.

Stanford University was established by the Stanford family late in the 19th century. It was opened in honour of beloved son, Leland Stanford, who died shortly prior to his 16th birthday of Typhoid. Stanford’s grounds are set in 8,000 acres. The Stanford logo is characterized by a towering tree, originally derived from Palo Alto’s seal. The motto translates into ‘The Wind of Freedom Blows’.

Though Stanford receives more than 32,000 applications per year, just 7% earn admission. Stanford attracts students from a wide array of ethnic, cultural and national backgrounds. Stanford has given the world a notable list of graduates. These alumni consist of William Hewlett and David Packard, 17 Nobel Laureates, four Pulitzer Prize winners. President Herbert Hoover heads a list of alumni who have entered Politics.

Up to 80% of Stanford’s student body are in receipt of financial aid. In 2010 Stanford University delivered over $117,000,000 in aid to students. Lest you need evidence of Stanford’s academic standing, a recent Times league table Stanford was equal 2nd to rival Harvard.

An Overview Of Harvard, Stanford And MIT.


This brief post will contrast the merits of America’s 3 leading universities. These higher education institutes are celebrated across the world for graduating a cast of alumni who’ve made their mark and carried the torch forth; Each year an army of students aspire to emulate them.

These universities are MIT and Harvard, both based in Cambridge, MA to the north-east of The States, and Stanford to the west. Bound by their age-old rivalry, history and prestige, here we’ll touch on the facts and stats of these institutions.

Many students mistakenly believe MIT & Stanford are members of the ‘Ivy League’ of American universities. The league is actually a union based on athletics binding higher education institutions discovered in the north-east of the US. These members include Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Darmouth, UPenn & Princeton.

The proximity of the two university giants, has bred an intense rivalry and a tradition of ‘hacks’, or practical jokes, as students strive to outdo each other.

Stanford is based in Palo Alto, California. Silicon Valley is based nearby, not a surprise since Stanford students have been instrumental to the numerous technology companies based there, including Google, Facebook & Hewlett Packard. It also just a short CalTrain journey to San Francisco to the north and San Jose to the south. Stanford’s location is a huge selling point to prospective students.

Harvard and MIT students live in Cambridge, minutes from the cultural mecca of Boston, the stage of the famed Tea Party and the American revolution.

Harvard was established in 1636 and is the oldest higher education institution in the United States. Named after English clergymen, John Harvard, the university has graduated 8 US Presidents, 75 Nobel Laureates and 36 Pulitzer Prize Winners.

MIT was founded in 1861 and is currently set within 168 acres. Students of MIT have gone on to become Nobel laureates, Rhodes Scholars recipients and National Medal of Science recipients. MIT graduates are regarded as enterprising and industrious and are highly regarded by employers and aspiring students the world over. This is evidenced by the high uptake of MIT students finding employment on graduation.

You won’t be surprised to learn that academics are an essential rite of passage. However, a 4.0 GPA and 2400 SAT are not always enough to gain entrance, you’ll require standout extra-curricular’s and shining references as well. Stanford and Harvard have a similar admissions rate of about 7%. MIT features a slightly greater success rate admitting just under 10% or 1742 for the class of 2015.

Harvard, Stanford and MIT are global leaders in culture, commerce and politics. Should you decide to brave the application process consider exploring the links on this blog. To Your Destiny.

How To Get Into Harvard

Harvard University is revered throughout the world for her staggering history, academic prowess and stellar brand of alumni.

Every year over 30,000 students apply for Harvard. Unfortunately, however, only a small percentage of students are accepted. This brief article will endeavor to dispel and enlighten. From the common application to financial aid, we’ll offer you key insights as we explore how to put your best foot forward and ace your Harvard application.

Before filing your Harvard application, be sure of your motives. What attracts you to Harvard? Is it the history, the allure of Cambridge and neighboring Boston? The finest education in the world? Vanity alone isn’t enough. And you’ll need to articulate your passion for Harvard through the application process and personal statement.

So what are the real facts on getting into Harvard? Many idly speculate and surmise that Harvard is an old boy’s club. They believe that connections and inside networks will seal your place. Of course, that idea is a non-starter. Others wrongly believe they’ll need impeccable academics, and if they do, the financial costs of a Harvard education are prohibitive. Wrong again. Let’s explore this in more detail.

The acceptance rate for Harvard declines, year on year. This year just 6% of 36,000 Harvard applicants were successful, but don’t let the statistics deter you. Many Harvard applicants were turned away, not because they weren’t strong candidates, but didn’t adequately prepare for the admissions process.

Harvard University GPA Requirements

A 4.0 GPA and 2400 SAT are no assurance of acceptance — There is no minimum GPA to get into Harvard. While strong academics are an asset, some applicants are known to have been accepted with sub 3 GPA’s. A better strategy is to present a rounded portfolio, one that combines academics with extra-curricular assets too. Extra-curricular’s include charity work, summer camps, sports and positions of leadership.

Lastly, you’ll need to write a strong essay. In writing your essay, you’ll need to rouse the interest of the reader. Write an essay with substance, drawing the admissions staff to read between the lines and recognize your strengths. You want to leave a lasting impression. 1 that makes you that 1 in 20.

Financial aid is reserved for families earning less than $65,000 a year. Aid is available to international students too. If you show enough promise, Harvard will look after you.

Rejection From Harvard

Rejection from Harvard or the other Ivies, is no shame. Education is ever more accessible online, particularly with the development of initiatives including Udacity and EdX (a joint Harvard and MIT initiative that streams lectures online). However, the experience and friendships you form on campus remain invaluable as a growth experience.

Remember the Harvard admissions process is an imperfect science. While Warren Buffet was rejected, Ted Kaczynski was accepted. Lest we forget Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates became ‘Harvard dropouts’ to establish their empire. Graduating the Ivy League is no assurance of future success in life. But it helps …

This article is a brief overview of a highly selective and challenging admissions procedure. To learn more about getting into Harvard, stay tuned.